Waiting: Being Patience in the Process

If God gives you an idea or something greater than yourself, hold on it until it is the right time for birthing.

Do not seek help from others to bring it forth. Good connections are not Divine connections, and just because you may have worked together on a project in the past doesn’t mean that you are to move forward with that individual, team, organization in the future. One of the greatest lessons I learned in being a leader is watching and waiting. Some call it discernment; others call it intuition, instinct, or gut feeling, but knowing whether or not or when to make a move is critical to your growth and essential in making sound decisions.

I recall earlier when I began to step out and hone my skills as an entrepreneur. I was given a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). Not knowing how to bring forth the fulfillment of the vision, I stepped forward in my own understanding and did not wait to hear clear directions regarding the right timing.  Anxious, with the awesomeness of the vision, I ran and connected with like-minded people and watched the vision get twisted and turned. In Christendom, we call it, “birthing an Ishmael.” I can only equate it to a mother expectantly waiting for the birth of her newborn. Longing to touch, smell, and hold her newborn snuggly against her breast, only for the obstetrician nurse to say, “Excuse me, I have rights. I helped you birth the baby, so I can take the baby home with me.”  Stunned you shake your head wondering what happened and say, “I thought she was going to help me deliver my baby, if I knew this was going to happen, I would have waited and birthed it on my own.

Not being able to discern, not trusting my gut feelings or myself led me to make many wrong decisions and develop poor alliances.  As things began to unfold, then hindsight provided insight into what was really behind “Door Number 2.”  By then it is no longer what I envisioned, but a tangled, crippled version of what it should have been. Learning to let go proved painful but always necessary.  I have since learned to wait, pray about it, seek wise counsel, and put pencil to paper to flesh it out.

As a leader, people are drawn and want to connect to you. Remember, the next time before connecting with someone, asks yourself, “Why am I connecting to this individual? Is it for me or is it for them? Is there a reciprocal benefit for both parties? If not, has the lines been clearly defined up front? Is it a good connection or a Divine connection?  Wait…if you are patience in the process, you will bring forth your vision.