The Emperor’s New Clothes-Who Are You Fooling?

Be your authentic self and you do not have to remember how to be like anyone else.  In this age of overnight sensations, too often we see people imitating others in an effort to rise to the top only to realize they do not have what it takes to remain there.

“Always accept and feel comfortable with your flaws, that way no one can ever use them against you” unknown 

The Emperor New Clothes Is a story about acceptance, knowing who you are, and loving yourself, so others cannot manipulate you in fulfilling their deeds.  

In the story, the emperor was so obsess with wearing the finest garments that he paraded down the streets of his providence butt-A naked all because he wanted to prove to be something that he wasn’t  “unfit for his office”  or a “simple fool.”

As the story goes, the shy-sty gentlemen, claimed to be able to weave cloth of the finest thread for the emperor and it would appear invisible for anyone not fit for his office or a simple fool. 

The emperor was ecstatic and  gave the swindlers large sums of money to weave the garment. A win-win. Now he would be able to determine who in his court was unfit for their office or those who were simple fools. Days passed and the emperor was growing weary, but being careful not to be put in a predicament,  he sent in his servant to look at the fabric.
The servant did not see anything, but recalled that it only meant that he was unfit for his office, WHICH HE WOULD NEVER REVEAL  or A SIMPLETON-and he was not going to admit to that.

Next, the Lords of the court went in one after another to look at the clothe on the weaving loom that the thieves were weaving for the emperor.   “Magnificent”, “excellent”, “outstanding, pure opulence ” .
.”It has my Ap-pro-bation ,” said one of the courtier.  One after another they did not see this much admired cloth, YET agreed with the weavers as they described the patterns and colors of the clothe. Head bobbing with admiration, they would never verbalize the truth, because it would mean 1 of 2 things

They were unfit for their office or they were a simpleton.

As time went on the emperor grew more and more impatient, waiting for his one of a kind, “Never seen before” garment.  Finally, the day arrived and the robe was prepared and waiting for the emperor.  When he went in the room, the loom was empty and the emperor was confused. Quickly, he wiped the bewildered look off his face as the men displayed and described the garment; for he knew it would mean:

1-he was unfit for his office

2-he was a simple fool

Quickly the emperor raved as the scoundrels told him to take off his clothes, as they fitted him for the garment. Snip, nip, stitch,  tuck. Viola the garment was ready for a KING..The tailors admired their handiwork and suggested to the emperor that he should wear it at the next parade.    

“YES!! YES!! Yes!” exclaimed the emperor, as he turned around admiring his new outfit in the looking glass..”I’ll be the TALK OF THE  TOWN.” And out he went with the two Lords of the Bed chamber carrying the robe behind him. As he walked down the street, everyone applauded and cheered how beautiful  the robe  and train was.

Everyone… but an innocent child.  “Look the emperor is not wearing any clothes.”

Everyone started whispering and agreeing with the child and shouted aloud, “The emperor is naked.”  The emperor was truly vexed, for he knew they were right, for the trick was exposed and the emperor too, perhaps worthy of his office, but definitely a FOOL.

Which Character Are You?

Have you ever been the emperor, allowing others to manipulate and convince you into believing in something that you knew was not right or true? Or perhaps, you were part of the crowd chiming in and playing the part of the  scoundrel in someone’s else life. Or furthermore, the “trusted” associated or friend which did not speak the truth because you did not want to  hurt someone’s feeling or be deemed “politically incorrect”, allowing a friend to make  a fool of him or herself. Or perhaps, you were like the brave little child who called “a spade, a spade” and spoke out the truth without regards to those around him. He did not do it to be recognized or ridiculed. He was just stating a fact.

 What are the Take-a ways of this story?

  1. Trust your instinct above all others-We all have an innate ability to hear our inner voice. The problem is we do not always listen to it out of fear of rejection or fear of failure.
  2. People will lie. You can count on it. Don’t always trust what people say..Watch what they do.
  3.  When in doubt ask a child-they will tell you the truth as they see it
  4. Never be afraid to speak the truth in love-if the servant would have told the truth, he could have saved the emperor from humiliating himself in front of his entire kingdom and from being swindled by the unscrupulous guys.
  5. Who are you listening to? What qualifies them? What are they  whispering in your ear? Who’s voice print are you hearing? What are they saying?  How will it impact you??
  6. Find an accountability partner, someone who will tell you …your butt is showing. 

In conclusion,

Be careful on your next business deal or when someone is telling you something that does not agree with your spirit…listen to your inner voice because your inner voice will never lie to you.

 Know and accept who you are -an awareness and acceptance of who you are today, is the biggest step toward becoming who you want to be tomorrow.  Get rid of the garbage and trash in your life. Then look in the mirror and FACE YOURSELF.

This above all; to your thine own self be true.”

That’s a free one from William Shakespeare


The Emperor New  Clothes adapted from several version of the story
The Emperor New Clothes by Demi

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