Achieving Goals in 2014

Do not waste your time writing another New Year resolution.  It does not matter how badly you want to change, break a habit, or start a new one, it will not happen.  The truth of the matter is… we waste a lot of time, unnecessarily; at the beginning of each year or the ending of the preceding year, vowing that this year will be different.  For years, I was a chartered member of this club, writing details goals and plans, only to look up and six months later; the 30lbs I wanted to lose was still sitting in my lap; the book I wanted to write was partially typed on my laptop; and the debt I wanted to payoff was a monster holding it’s ground glaring back at me.

Wow.  You are probably saying how encouraging coming from a life coach.

It is not meant to be discouraging or to make you feel good about.  In fact, I am not going to blog anything that you probably have not already heard or read before.  However, what I hope to do is motivate, encourage, and inspire you to set goals, create action steps, and live the life that you were meant to live by being a doer and not a thinker.  According to R.L. Adams in “The Millionaire Method,” people are divided into two categories, the thinkers, and the doers.  Thinkers’ key word is “should.”  “I should write the book or I should go to the gym today.”  Doers, on the other hand live by a different code and their key word is “must.”  “I must write the book or I must go to the gym today.”  There is a huge difference between knowing what to do and doing it. 
You have an original design.  God has a specific design and plan for you.  He wants you to be ALL that he created you to be.  Then life happens.  We are birth into an imperfect society where circumstances and events begin to chip away at our destiny, skew our perceived image of ourselves, and affect that original design.  Then the inevitable happen.  We replace the truth, “That I’m fearfully and wonderfully made,” and begin to live a life of mere existence with no passion or purpose.

Look, around you, the Infinite God of Heaven & Earth, the creative genius that He is, does not just design and create anything without a purpose.  Have you ever thought about the fact that no two people in the entire word, past, present, or future have the same fingerprints.  What does this mean to you?  God is calling you back to the Master Plan, the original design, purpose, and passion He placed in you.  My goal today is that you will walk away renewed, be inspired to step up, and turn that dream into a goal.  As a Life Coach, I walk besides you, help you discover your uniqueness, and enable you to live a full and purposeful life, being the best You, that you can be.

Let me create a picture in your mind.  Imagine the following scenario-

Not having goals in your life is comparable to going to the airport, approaching the ticket agent and asking for a ticket to go some place.  The puzzled but polite agent will probably ask,

Agent-Ma’am, where would you like to go?
You-I don’t know, just send me someplace nice.
Agentlooking confuse– Alright, would that be someplace, warm or cold?  What would you like to do?  Will this trip be for business or pleasure?  How much money do you have to spend?  How long would you to stay?  Are traveling with a companion or solo? 
You-Well..  I don’t know where I want to go.  I just want to go away for a few days and have a great time.
Agent-I have a seat left for Europe.  May I have your credit card ma’am?
I don’t want to go there and I can’t afford that flight. 
Agent – How about a ticket to New York?
Agent-Well, Ma’am – If you don’t know where you want to go, then any place will do.


You are going to pay a price –YOU HAVE TO consider the cost

Living a purposeful life on target or living a life filled with various activities with no clear focus. You must have a vision of what you want your life to look like. Otherwise, someone will take you to a place or create the life they deem appropriate and good for you…only because you DO NOT HAVE ANY criteria, standards, or goals in mind.
Bill Copeland –“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”
What is a Goal?  A GOAL IS A ROADMAP.  It provides answers to questions like…what do I want to be?  What do I want to do?  What do I want more or less of?  What lifestyle do I want?  How much money do I want to save?  


S-specific          M-measurable               A-achievable                 R-realistic         T-time-specific

SpecificA goal is specific when you can describe it concretely to others.
“I want to be wealthy” is not a specific goal—how much money is that?  “I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 40,” or “I want to be able to retire at my current income when I’m 60” is specific.

Measurable: You need to be able to tell when you have accomplished it.
Example: “I want to be a better communicator” is not a measurable goal—how do I know when I am “better”?  “I want to improve my public speaking skills by joining Toastmaster this year” is a measurable goal.

Attainable: It cannot be a pipe dream or something unrealizable.
Example: “I want to get married by the end of the year is probably unrealistic if you are single and are not currently seeing or dating anyone.  Another unrealistic goal would be losing 25lbs or learning Arabic in two months.

Relevant: A goal is relevant when it is important to you—when it references your values.
Example: “I want to be making all our payments on time by December” is a relevant goal for someone who is in financial difficulty and is tired of it.

Time-specific: Goals are not open-ended—they have dates attached.
Example: “I want to start a home for teens trapped in sex-trafficking” is not time-specific; while “I want to obtain property and licenses to start a home for teens trapped in sex-trafficking in the next five years” is.

A goal is NOT a dream.  Dreams are unrefined hopes, or cost-free aspirations we might do some day.  Some dreams may come true, while others may not.  It really does not matter. 
Converting a dream or objective to a goal is a decision to take tangible steps to pursue it. 
Goals are specific, future targets that we are committed to becoming or accomplishing in an action-oriented, time specific way.

Some excerpts were taken from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching